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Photo Proof of Thanksgiving = Zero.

I was so determined to get photos of our family dinner last weekend, especially because my last truly great photo of my kids is from my daughter's graduation from high school two and a half years ago. They were both spit-polished and snuggled in for a selfie that I have since absconded. But when I tried to get them to do something similar last weekend, I got a lot of crossed-eyes and bared teeth.

I was also determined to get some photos of the table and the turkey, if for no other reason than it can be useful to have these backgrounds for future posts about holidays or what-have-you. Wouldn't you know the turkey failed to cook?

It was a fresh one, so being frozen wasn't the problem. I even had a thermometer in it and it showed it was done to perfection (looked golden brown and lovely!) So I pulled it out and mashed the potatoes and ran around putting the rest of the veggies on the table and the carver shouted that it wasn't done. Ugh.

Bird went back in the oven for forty minutes, veggies were all cosied with tea towels and whatnot. We all poured a fresh glass of wine and waited. Sigh.

But we eventually ate and had a ton of fun. I do love our family dinners. Then, funnily enough, my Mom called the other day to talk about the roasting pan.

Mom: "I remember Grandma gave me an aluminium roaster that she got from Auntie Jen. They both said it didn't cook the bird properly and I had problems with it so I got rid of it."
Me: "Pretty sure I took it."

She has an enamel one she has now promised me so, fingers-crossed, the next time I cook I'll have a cooked bird and decent photos.

Have a great week!