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When I completed and submitted my thirtieth book, I decided to celebrate by offering a taste from each one. This book just came out Feb 1st. Enjoy!

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Does it need more intro than that?

~ * ~

Oh God, she had known this man would know how to kiss. His mouth was firm, but capable of being tender, possessing and retreating, taking in a bold pressure, then easing to something almost like comfort before he wrapped his arm behind her and pulled her in to be devoured.

She consumed him right back, flattening her hand on the hot, thin cotton across his back and jamming herself against all that muscled heat. Their tongues met and the jolt of excitement tore of sob of want from her throat. He hitched her closer still, tilting her head back a little more, so her mouth was fully under his. He moved his tongue in a slow penetration and retreat. His hand brushed past the open edge of her top and cupped her breast through her tank, massaging with firm pressure.

A rush of dampness wet her panties and she arched into him, rubbing against the ridge she could feel like a log pressing into her abdomen. She instantly wanted him. Basic and thorough and animalistic and oh, so satisfying.

“Damn,” he muttered, pulling away, kissing her again, wet and hard, then a little softer. “You wanna go somewhere?”

“No,” she moaned, dropping her forehead into his collarbone. “We shouldn’t have done this. You know that, right?” She lifted her head, making herself face what she expected would be a peeved expression. If he called her a tease, she would hate him, but she wouldn’t blame him.

His mouth formed a dismayed line, but there wasn’t any censure there. His gaze stayed flinty and he continued to hold her waist even when she moved her hands to his forearms.

“Are you mad?” she had to ask.

He snorted. “Babe, I’ve been turned down as often as I’ve been waved in. I’ll survive.”

She wasn’t sure she believed that. She had a feeling he’d been waved in a lot.

“Look.” His hands moved restlessly against her waist. “If you need to let off some steam, I get it. I am more than willing to be your release. But for what’s it’s worth, I’m not just looking to get laid. Which doesn’t mean I’m looking for a relationship. I’m definitely not. But I’m not trying to get you into bed because you’re the only woman under eighty in my neighborhood.” His mouth quirked, but she could tell he was being sincere. “I like you. You turn me on. I think we’d cause some needle jumps on the Richter scale. But if you don’t want to do that, that’s okay. We can still talk about the kids and I’ll still fix your house.”

She swallowed, fingers unable to resist stroking the smooth skin of his strong forearms. “I don’t care what Mrs. Garvey says about you. I think you’re nice.”

She was being cheeky and he smirked in response.

“Nice?” He gave a fake spit and dropped his hold with mock disgust. “If you’re going to stand here and insult me, I’m going inside.”

~ * ~

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