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I'll be talking about both of my February releases. Have you checked out The Consequence He Must Claim? It's the second in The Wrong Heirs duet and I'm delighted by the reviews so far! Here's one from Goodreads for the the series as a whole:

I loved the connection she maintained with Octavia (1st book). The series was the best I had in a while! Dani Collins you are officially a strong resilient favourite!

Here are your quick links if you'd like to read the blurb and some of the other reviews:

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My Life

My horoscope said the pace of life would pick up once Mercury went direct on Jan 25th. I never doubt astrology because after dithering for months (years!) over various house updates, guess what happened? I told you about the refrigerator packing it, right? Well, while we were buying the new one, my husband said, "Isn't that the kind of bed you wanted for our room?"

I don't have a photo because it's still at the warehouse, but yes. It was the right bed and it was on sale. So I ordered it on the spot and my husband promptly came home, carpe'd the diem, by which I mean he seized the carpet out of our bedroom!

I've ordered the new carpet, but we're sleeping in my daughter's room until it arrives and installs. I was already feeling like we'd been camping because we were eating out of the fridge in the garage. Now this. And, since the carpet installers are coming out anyway, we picked out something for the family room so any minute now, that room will be emptied into my dining room.

I'm the type of person who finds the rearrangement of my carefully ordered world really stressful. I'm bordering on needing sedation! And no. I will not have a new bedroom by Valentine's Day. I will be lucky to have one by the end of February. But these are long overdue replacements of very old carpets so I'm trying to take the disarray in stride. It will be wonderful when it's done!

Behind The Book

Taken By The Raider - Feb 11th

Did you miss reading the first two chapters of Taken By The Raider? Download a PDF by clicking over to my blog post from two weeks ago.

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Taken By The Raider is a short story, so I can't offer too many #SampleSundays, but I thought I'd talk a little about how the book came about.

Last year, as I was planning my fall writing schedule, I deliberately kept December light. I always find December incredibly stressful so I arranged my deadlines so I could take some days off without losing my bananas. Well!

I wound up agreeing to a new series with Montana Born, but it wasn't due until February so I felt like it was a very manageable fit into my schedule. Then an opportunity came up with this bad boy short story and I thought, It's short.

This turned into a lesson for me in not being arrogant. Just because a story is short does not mean it is easy to write!! <<--TWO Exclamation points!!! I didn't even have a strong sense of the story idea when I agreed. I said something like, "What do you think about a corporate raider?" That's all I had.

Anyway, I dug a hole in my schedule and started writing, but I struggled. It wasn't so much that the words wouldn't come. I just didn't know if they were any good or whether the story hung together as a whole.

What did I expect writing a bad boy? They never cooperate! The holidays were breathing down my neck and I had a couple of days wondering whether I'd been crazy to agree to this one.

But I totally fell for Griffen. I love heroes who are complete knot-heads when it comes to matters of the heart. They're always so blindsided by feelings of empathy and remorse. And, as the story took shape, I saw my characters had quite a complex history, personally and romantically. In the end, I was so glad I'd written it.

I hope you'll enjoy it too. So far, the reviews have been pretty favorable. Here's one that really made my day:

This short novella certainly packs a punch to your heart. Ms. Collins has given her readers a quick one two with unforgettable characters that reach for your heart and don’t let go. Somehow she manages to get in a fast paced but well thought out plot line that has you remembering why you love her writing style so much. The story is very clear and doesn’t leave you wanting, well for anything else than another one of her stories. Pick up this novella if you want something hot, something with a bad boy, and something quick to heat you up. ~Valerie, Netgalley

I've also seen a couple of reviewers say they wished there was an epilogue. I actually wrote one and I hated it. Bleck. Be glad I deleted it. Trust me. But I have heard the request and will put my mind to a bonus scene for a future newsletter. (Do you belong to my newsletter? You should! From time to time, I offer bonus scenes. It's true! Join now and get Cruel Summer, a short story ebook romance I wrote special to offer free as a welcome gift to my new subscribers.)

~ * ~

For the first time in a while, I'm writing this on Friday night. My real life might be upside down at the moment, but shhh--I don't want to jinx it--my writing life is mostly caught up (although I still have to book my flight to the RT Convention in Las Vegas in April!)

Watch my Feb 11th newsletter for news on my next Montana Born book and I'm looking forward to offering a sneak peek of the opening chapters for my July Harlequin Presents very soon. (Probably the March newsletter. That's the plan, anyway.)

Thank You!!!

One more HUGE THANK YOU for your support with the baby swap duet. If you haven't checked it out yet, the second book, The Consequence He Must Claim is on the shelves right now.

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Have a terrific weekend!