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I missed posting last Sunday, I know and I'm sorry. I had a blog from the week before walk out on me, probably in retaliation. I don't know what happened, but I had a host of technology problems for over a week and I was so disgusted by the time I'd figured out most-but-not-all of it, that I went on strike when my blog post was due.

photo 1But stuff is happening here, even though you aren't seeing much evidence of it. Not unlike how this pair of cougars keep sidling by my house, leaving footprints without being visible to the (mildly nearsighted) human eye.

Actually, these cats are one of the things keeping me busy along with updating software and restoring my mobile phone. I have about a million photos of these prints. MrC is like, "Yes, you're right. Yes, they're cat prints. Yes, they're big. Yes, that's another one. Put the camera down."

I've also been booking some travel. (Shout out to Erica and Leslie!) Given I have three books out in August I feel it behooves me to attend both RWA and RW Australia (plus visit my half-Canadian, half-Aussie niece and nephew and teach them to pronounce their 'r's. My parents are there at the moment, but this is the sort of thing that needs constant  reinforcement.)

I'm working on revisions for my second erotica for Harlequin Digital First. You'll see both come out as a boxed set in August under the titles:

  • Playing The Master
  • Mastering Her Role

Soon as I have covers and blurbs I'll let you know.

I'm also planning a contest in conjunction with the August books. They all have a hidden identity, masquerade-ish theme so I'm working on tying into that. I've never organized a major contest and have enlisted help with it (hi Mel & Jen!). Watch for details once we've worked everything out.

What else? Hmm, I judged some books for a contest. We're not supposed to give details, but I think it's within boundaries to say that I was delighted to have an excuse to make reading a priority. I especially appreciate that I was pressed into trying some genres I wouldn't typically gravitate toward. That's pretty much all I can say, except to add that all entries were certainly professional and cleanly written, but two leapt off the page and grabbed my throat. I have set aside those books for further study.

Oh, something MrC helped me with has really cleared my head. I've been wanting to do a proper business plan and found some templates online. I talked through the various points with him which amassed into a crazy To Do list. He helped me sort the tasks into Critical and Nice To Have. WOW. May I recommend these two categories to everyone with too much to do? I still have a ridiculously long list, but I was getting pretty bogged down adding things that weren't necessarily necessary.

I also had another Presents accepted so you can now watch for:

  • June: An Heir To Bind Them (#3 Makricostas, Theo's story)
  • August: The Ultimate Seduction (21st Century Gentlemen's Club)
  • November: The Russian's Acquisition

beach in winterMy summer will be very busy, I know! I saw this today and wistfully wished myself into hot weather, but I have so much to do before the thaw that I'm probably better off as is. I'm working on Demitri's story, these revisions are due in a few days, and I have all this promo to plan: adhesive notes and contests and bookmarks, Oh My! Let's not even mention the website updates. It makes me sob a little to think of it.

So yes, the quiet blanket of snow is blessing, but a sign of Spring would be nice. And not that Spring Forward nonsense. Seriously, does losing an hour of sleep make sense to anyone anymore?

I'll get back to work. (Actually, I'm going to cook supper. One of my Critical To Do's is to rebalance my life so I'm not at this computer quite so much.) But I'll see if I can scare up a decent sign of winter's end before I go. How about a screenshot of the temperatures projected for this week. Double digits!! That will definitely help.