Bad Blogger

Xenakis's Convenient BrideYellowstone

I'm being a bad blogger, I know. We took off to Yellowstone last week, to scratch Old Faithful off our bucket list. It turns out, when they say there's not wifi, they mean it. Like, you can't even buy it at the hotel. Zero. Zilch. So you have to make do with the view out your window for entertainment.

We managed. The glass of wine helped. If you'd like to see more photos from our trip, check out the album on Facebook.

Now I'm away again, scooping up our son from his first year of post-secondary. Next weekend we have a 40th party to attend (not ours - we're significantly past that.) Then our daughter is talking about coming to stay with us mid-June.

Forget blog posts. I'm struggling to find time to write books. That have deadlines. (Full disclosure: I hit 'send' on a manuscript yesterday. But still.)

This is just a quick Proof-Of-Life post. I'll have a proper one in a few days when Xenakis's Convenient Bride launches.

Meanwhile, I hope you're having great weather and a wonderful weekend....