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Good morning! We left this on Friday (Cannon Beach, OR):

And came home to this (near Princeton, BC):

Actually, it rained all night, the skies cleared, and right now it's gorgeous and sunny, if cool. I'll get my walk in, then I have to get groceries.

We've been away a full week and a little too much of it was driving. Live and learn. We poked our way down to the redwoods and only had three nights on the coast of Oregon. But that did mean we saw this (Crater Lake). That's me, bundled up. It was very windy:

That was a bucket list item, except it was so wonderful, now we feel like we want to go back. It's still on the list!

I also got to have dinner with Maisey Yates and Megan Crane (aka Caitlin Crews.) There really is nothing like getting together with author friends.

Therefore, I did a little more of that on the way home, swinging through Vancouver to present a workshop with the Greater Vancouver Chapter of RWA. Sorry, no photo. I am the worst at remembering to get a photo of myself at a presentation.

If you'd like to see photos from our trip, visit my Album page on my Facebook profile here.

Now it's back to work for this little scribbler. The best/most frustrating thing about a driving holiday is that my brain is on steroids, bubbling with a thousand ideas. I love plotting while on the road and then suddenly the husband is saying, "Was that where we were supposed to turn?" Huh? What? Oh. Yeah.

So I have lots I want to start and much I must catch up.

Still On Shelves - The Secret Beneath The Veil

Amazon: US | CA | UK | Aus | Nook | Kobo | iBooks | GooglePlay

I'm thrilled to say that The Secret Beneath The Veil has been doing very well! Thank you so much for giving this book so much love!

If you haven't had a chance to read the excerpts from this one, they're here:

Book Trailer - His Christmas Miracle

I'll be unveiling my Book Trailer for His Christmas Miracle to my newsletter group soon. I have so many pieces to put in place first and, you know, took off to Oregon like I'm some kind of slacker.

But I did show the trailer to my writer group yesterday as part of my workshop and after silence through the background song, there was a collective "Ahhh." Which made me very happy. I hope you'll like it too.

Please join my reader group if you want to see that first peek at the trailer. Bonus: You'll get a free download of Cruel Summer as a welcome gift.

I'll send the trailer out when the pre-order links go live. I know the book is in formatting. Once it's approved and loaded, I should be able to get the links. As I said, many pieces. In the meantime, I do have this pre-order link for iBooks.

If you'd like a peek at
Chapter One of His Christmas Miracle it's here in my newsletter from a few weeks ago.

Now my girlfriend has just asked me to walk so I must get out of my pyjamas and look like a human for a while. Have a terrific Sunday!